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UPDATE 04/29/16 :
Commissions are open! All commission types are available again!

Commissions are how I pay my bills, so every little bit is greatly appreciated!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

★ General Terms ★

● All commissions are for private/personal use only.

● Any option with a strike through it is currently not available!

● Please note that it may or may not take me a while to complete your artwork, depending on what else is going on in my life. Sometimes I'm incredibly quick, sometimes I'm slower than Christmas.

● You can always find my commission progress/to do list at the bottom of this journal. If I owe you something and you want to know the status of your commission you can check there, but you can always note me for an update.

● I don't always work on commissions in the order they were received. I have various reasons for jumping around on my list ( my mood, requested deadline, multiple commissions for one person so I take a break and work on someone else's) so please don't think I'm purposely skipping over your commission!

  • anything over PG13

  • FULL mecha (mechanical limbs and armor are fine)

  • old and decrepit, inflation, steroid induced massive body builder muscles

  • animals/ferals or scenery only (there must be a humanoid as the focus of the image)

● If you'd like a commission similar to something in my gallery that doesn't fall into the categories below, feel free to contact me I'll let you know if we can work something out. However, some things like sketches and "simple" drawings are for special occasions only.

● Please let me know if you desire, or are strictly opposed to any embellishments (ie glitter, pressed flowers, rhinestones, etc)

★ Prices and Examples ★

● Price ranges listed are for single character marker illustrations. These prices are estimates only. Actual price may vary depending on complexity.

● Simple backgrounds include textures/patterns and things like clouds/trees, minimal scenery, and "framed" backgrounds

● All prices are in USD. All dimensions are in inches.

● Shipping is not included in the prices listed. Shipping will cost extra and will vary depending on your location.

● There will be an additional cost for any of the following:
  • additional characters/animal companions

  • complex character designs/backgrounds

  • detailed props (weapons, etc)

  • nudity (depends on how much shows and how suggestive it is)

  • larger sizes (up to 11x14)
● I may increase the size of a drawing without notice (or charge) if I feel more space is needed (for extra characters, detailed backgrounds, etc)

★ S K E T C H ★ C O M M I S S I O N S 

  • 5"x7"
  • $15 each
  • waist up | single character | minimal BG
  • rough marker drawing on lightweight paper
  • there will be no pencil sketch approval for these, you will only receive an update when your piece is completed

sketch com - zhen-ji by pencil-butter sketch com - yami by pencil-butter sketch com - verax by pencil-butter sketch com - sylver by pencil-butter sketch com - yirien by pencil-butter MORE...

★ A C E O / A T C ★ C O M M I S S I O N S 

  • 2.5"x3.5"
  • can range from bust to halfbody
  • no extremely complex backgrounds
  • single character only
  • price will depend on how much YOU WANT in the card 
  • $15-20 depending on level of detail and BG

    aceo - mori +VIDEO by pencil-butteraceo - wolf by pencil-butter aceo - bluebell by pencil-butter

★ P O R T R A I T ★ C O M M I S S I O N S 

  • 3.5"x5"
  • somewhere between a bust and waist up
  • no background - $15
  • simple background - $17 
  • add'l characters - $10ea (2 max)

com - marceline by pencil-butterXeren by pencil-butter  com - kanato by pencil-buttercom - raven by pencil-butter 

★ H A L F B O D Y  C O M M I S S I O N S 

SMALL - (5"x7")

  • no background - $25
  • simple background - $30
  • complex background - $35+++
  • add'l characters - $20 ea (2 max)

Elizabeth by pencil-butter com - white mage by pencil-butter com - tea by pencil-butter

LARGE - (8"x10"-8.5"x11")
  • no background - $35
  • simple background - $40
  • complex background - $50+++
  • add'l characters - $30 ea

  claudia by pencil-buttercom - right this way... by pencil-buttercom - protector by pencil-butter take your best shot by pencil-butter

 ★ F U L L B O D Y  ★ C O M M I S S I O N S  ★

  • 9"x12"
  • no background - $45
  • simple background - $50
  • complex background - $60+++
  • add'l characters $40 ea

com - fei yen by pencil-buttercom - serena by pencil-butter  


  • Shipping is NOT Included in the prices listed above.
  • I ship through regular first class mail. Cost usually falls between $3-$7 for most sizes and to most countries. (extra large commissions will likely be more than that for international shipping)
  • Tracking is included. f you would like insurance, priority mail, etc for an additional cost please let me know BEFORE HAND so I can adjust your price quote accordingly.
  • I am not responsible for artwork lost or damaged in the mail. These things are completely out of my control.


  • Payment must be received UP FRONT IN FULL before I will start work on a commission. 
  • Paypal only!!!
  • For complex drawings I may give you an estimate and simply ask for a deposit until I know just how difficult it's going to be, then give you a final price and request the remainder of the payment once the sketch is complete.

★To Order★

Send me an email ( and use the FORM below (I will probably ignore you if you don't use the form, or ask you to fill it out). REPLACE the text in parenthesis with your information.

Please do not send me a DA note (I'm trying to organize better here!)

  • Your site(s): (any social media links you have so I know who to credit when I post it online)
  • Number of characters: (keep in mind there are maximum numbers for some commission types)
  • Commission type: (be sure to include size and background options)
  • Character descriptions: (please include their name(s) physical description AND personality!)
  • Setting/background: (leave blank for no background commissions)
  • Pose/prop suggestions: (I say suggestion because I may not always be able to replicate a pose exactly)
  • Extra: (anything that wasn't covered above?)
  • Youtube permission: (yes or no. can I record the creation of your commission, post it on youtube and monetize the video? just because you give me permission doesn't mean I will actually make a video of your commission)
  • Shipping: (yes or no. If yes, include your address!!!!!)

Please add your references as email attachments!
Please, PLEASE double check that you have all of the information included! I don't want to be sifting through emails trying to find details that got left out of the initial email.


:bulletblack: jennifer (halfbody / complex bg) - - - 40% (inked)
:bulletblack: fallen-chaos (sketch commission) - - - 0%

:bulletblack: fallen-chaos (trade thingamabob)

SUPER TAG TEAM Collab Commissions

Sun Apr 3, 2011, 2:25 AM

:iconsparklesplz::iconorneryjen: + :icondemon-rae: :iconsparklesplz:

Time for something a little different with commissions! We've been discussing this for a while, and now that OrneryJen has GRADUATED FROM NURSING SCHOOL, we're offering some pretty quick little collaboration commissions!

:bulletblue: WHAT YOU GET____________
Pencil lines by me with digital colors by OrneryJen. Simple pattern/texture background.

:bulletblue: HOW TO ORDER____________
Send a note to ME with a short description and any references of the character you'd like drawn. Full payment (paypal only) will also be sent to me.  I will take care of forwarding the information  and her portion of the payment to my partner in crime. Please be sure to include somewhere in your note (preferably in the title) that you want a tag team/collab commission instead of one of my regular commissions to prevent any confusion.

:bulletblue: PRICES__________________
(subject to change depending on interest)
     bust/portrait: $10

:bulletblue: SAMPLES_________________
Sorry, the last two are like two years old. The pencil drawing itself wont look as bad as those OTL

<img src="…" border="0"  > <img src="…" border="0"  >

:bulletblue: SLOTS__________________

1: BloodyCrimes
2: BloodyCrimes
3: Fallen-Chaos
4: open
5: open

Moved it to a new journal entry:


Tue Feb 15, 2011, 3:27 PM

Yeah...I gots one! Going to be posting sketches, WIPs, and probably some giddy art supply rants from time to time, stuff I generally don't post on DA. I don't intend to do alot of reblogging stuff (I kinda find that a smidge annoying on art blogs) Still really new to this thing. Sorry there's not much there at the moment, but I haven't really done much art that I can post online just yet. It's coming!

If you have one, or know of some cool art blogs, DO SHARE!

art mood swings and other updates

Wed Jan 5, 2011, 2:00 AM

Art mood swings, I has them! I wouldn't even call it an art block because it's not that I cant/don't know what to draw, I just don't feel like drawing period. I go through this terribly productive/unproductive cycle every other week or so. I'll be so productive and draw so much a week or two, and the next week I'd rather craft or play video games or something, and don't even pick up a pencil. The entire month of December pretty much put me in the off stage of this cycle. But...I think I'm starting to come back into the productive stage!

I'm sorry to everyone who's been waiting on commissions! It may still be a while yet for some of the bigger ones because I have some...deadline sensitive commission work outside of DA due at the end of this month. However, I am trying to work on da commissions along side that. Once that's done I'll be able to devote most of my time to regular commissions. Hopefully I can get most of them knocked out in a timely matter.

So, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year! My christmas was pretty good, and new years is never anything spectacular for me because I'm not a party person, and staying up past midnight is nothing special. Though I do believe the idiot rednecks down the street from me were shooting shotguns instead of fire crackers OTL  But...year of the rabbit is my year, so maybe this will be a good one!

I don't say it often enough, but thanks for your support! I know I'm really bad about replying to comments, but I read every one and appreciate all the comments and faves from you guys <3

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Livestream [OFFLINE]

Tue Jun 22, 2010, 12:00 PM

I'll be coloring this.


My online status will always be in the journal title. Even if it's like 10 hours after the time I start, if the journal says online, chances are I'm still working on something (unless it's on the off chance that I forget to update this journal before I pass out in the floor)

My internet hiccups alot, so if I disappear without saying I'm leaving, be patient, I'll be back.

TracePad FTW!

Thu Jun 17, 2010, 10:02 PM

Lookout, Sonny got a new toy <3

I don't usually get so excited to the point of writing journals about getting new art supplies, but this thing is something I've been needing/wanting for a while now and I'm hyped. So if you don't feel like reading a giddy rant about a LIGHTBOX of all things...just turn back now.

So like...I use a lightbox for pretty much every single finished piece of art I do (to transfer my sketches onto bristol) Until now all I had was one of those cheapo $30,  10x12 inch artograph light tracer things that are really too small to do anything with, and bulky to boot. I had thought about building my own larger one, but I'm lazy. So for the past month or so I've been eyeballing copic's TracePad (it isn't really MADE by copic, they just...endorse it I guess?) and I finally broke down and bought the friggin thing (from blick for about 200 bucks)

It's so thiiiiiin! Like, almost as thin as my wacom! I can actually ink things without having to lift my elbows up to my ears because of a stupid bulky lightbox! And it's so well made, and sturdy as hell. From the internet pictures I really thought it would be all plastic like the artograph box and flimsy because of how thin it is, but it isn't at all <3 The back of it is metal and it's pretty dang heavy. I'm actually thinking this thing might be worth the money I spent on it, especially for as much as I use a lightbox. And for once I can actually do a larger piece and have it all on the lightbox at once. Before if I wanted to do something on, say, 11x14 paper I could only have half of it on the lightbox, and had to worry about bending what was hanging off DX TracePad is 11x17 (according to the box, by my measurements it's more like 12x16.75) which is way bigger than I normally work, and even if I did want to do something larger than the workspace, it's so thin that I'd be less likely to bend it.

I do wish there was a cheaper alternative for thin panel lightboxes, but I couldn't even find anyone else to make them in that SIZE, and some that were half the size of this thing were just as expensive! I was starting to think "wow...did I really just spend that much money on this thing?" but when I opened it up I was so very pleased. I might even say it was a better investment for ME than my wacom, which mostly collects dust now (of course for some people it probably sounds stupid to spend that much money on something made for tracing) The only thing I don't like is the lack of on/off have to unplug it to turn it off.

And look at the difference between the TracePad and my old lightbox...

Also...exposure compensation on camera makes it look radioactive or something when it's lit up.(it's not really THAT bright)

Livestream! [OFFLINE]

Thu Apr 22, 2010, 7:00 PM


My online status will always be in the journal title. Even if it's like 10 hours after the time I start, if the journal says online, chances are I'm still working on something (unless it's on the off chance that I forget to update this journal before I pass out in the floor)

My internet hiccups alot, so if I disappear without saying I'm leaving, be patient, I'll be back.

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My room is still cooler than yours

Sun Mar 7, 2010, 3:59 PM

Some of you may remember, just about a year ago I posted a journal with pics of my art room. Well, since we moved in October, I no longer have a separate bedroom and art room, so I sort of found a way to combine the decor of the two former rooms(my bedroom was red and black, my art room was lime green and teal/turquoise). I finally got cleaned up and most of my stuff hung on the walls in a remotely decent manner and decided to take some pictures :3 I take much pride in my decor <3

And for the record, my walls are not quite so orange. They have a slightly more red tint to them. Some people call it red, some people call it orange, I just call it vermillion.

(so the filet afghan is kind of dated and tacky but my grandma made it for me and it's pretty and I love it)

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Wed Mar 3, 2010, 11:33 PM

Mystaira is offering special discount commissions. Buy one, get one half off!

Her art is awesome and doesn't get enough love as it is, so even if you can't commission her, go check out her gallery <3 Lots of pretty menz!

:iconmystaira: :iconmystaira: :iconmystaira: :iconmystaira: :iconmystaira:

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Thu Jan 7, 2010, 3:11 PM

</small> </DIV>


Open for regular commissions again now that the Christmas rush is over. You may notice I've taken down my commission prices for sketches/lineart/etc. It just gets to be to much to keep track of in one post, so I think from now on I'll just offer special sketch commissions and stuff at certain times. I also added a section to the right of my journal to keep track of everything a little better.

It must seem like I'm always begging for monies these days. Oh, wait...that's because I am OTL

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Back in business!

Tue Jan 5, 2010, 1:33 PM

</small> </DIV>

Santa Claus DOES exist! And he comes in the form of a slightly creepy AT&T tech named Adam. After almost THREE MONTHS of waiting for them to dig holes and run phone lines, I have a constant, reliable source of home internet again! *swoons* Now I can turn back into a depressed hermit that doesn't even step outside for days at a time. Really...I wonder if getting DSL back is such a good thing after all XD I was actually starting to spend time outside of my dark bedroom.

However, with the return of internet, I wonder...If I could get a webcam set up decently, do any of you think you could get past looking at my fat hands and short pudgey fingers long enough to watch some copic livestreaming? I had been wanting to make another tutorial, but to get all of the information in that I'd like I would have to make like...five or more. Plus, my coloring seems to keep changing, so a tutorial has the chance of becoming outdated really fast, like my first one has. Livestream just seems like an easier alternative.

On another note...happy new year and whatnot. A little late, but I hope everyone had a great 2009 and has a better 2010. 2009 was hella stressful for me, just...not the best year emotionally. And yet,'s the best art year I've had in a while. I feel like I actually took a step forward in my art this past year. Crazy how these things work.

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WTF at and t !?

Fri Dec 4, 2009, 2:15 PM

</small> </DIV>

How does 2 weeks turn into 3 months!? Still no sign of me getting home internet any time soon. First AT&T said it would be 2-3 weeks (back in October) then it was 4-6 weeks, then they said December 1st, now they're saying December 31st. At this rate I probably wont have home internet until JULY e__e What the hell is up with this!? Does it REALLY take that long to run a telephone line into a neighborhood?

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Thu Oct 29, 2009, 11:14 AM

</small> </DIV>

I've been in the process of moving to a new house over the past couple of weeks. My parents built a new house in a new subdivision (and I'm lazy and jobless so I'm moving with them instead of getting my own place e__e) I thought they were going to hook up the phone and internet today, but now it's going to be another 2 weeks. Seeing as how it's in the middle of nowhere and ours is the ONLY HOUSE ON THE STREET, there isn't even a phone line run into the neighborhood. I'll try to get on the internet at our old house or at school and check DA when I can. Either way, my internet access is scarce. I FEEL SO ISOLATED!!!

Maybe I'll get a chance to take a breather from moving and unpacking to get some decent art done...without the internet to distract me and all e___e

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Every once in a while I realize...I have way too much stuff that I don't use! O__O So here's hoping to get rid of some stuff. Mostly art supplies, mostly paper....and a few manga. Got some really nice, quality art supplies here, some never even used once. If maybe you don't need any of this stuff, but know someone that might want it, would love for you to spread it around :3 Don't make me have to resort to the ebay giant DX

If this goes well I may post more stuff later. I haven't even begun to go through all of my stuff DX

So, here we go...

:bulletpink:Naruto vols 1-3 - has some bent corners and stuff - $10 for all 3
:bulletpink:Inu Yasha vol 1 - I don't think I ever even read through it, great condition - $4

:bulletpink:Copic paper selections #2 - A4 size - 70 sheets - $4
:bulletpink:Yupo watercolor paper - 9x12 -  9 out of 10 sheets remaining -retails for about $17-18 - this is some weeeeeird paper - $10

:bulletpink:Lyon's canvas panels - 8x10 3pk - never opened - $2
:bulletpink:Big Art brown bag art paper - 8.5x11 - 48 out of 50 sheets remaining - $2
:bulletpink:Canson lightweight watercolor paper - 10 out of 15 sheets remaining- $2

:bulletpink:Strathmore drawing pads $5 for both
- - 9x12 recycled - 17 out of 24 sheets remaining
- - 8x10 - 21 out of 24 sheets remaining

:bulletpink:Prismacolor art stix - woodless colored pencils -36ct - retails for around $60 only used the white one slightly - $35 or best offer
:bulletpink: Van Gogh oil paints - 10ct 20ml tubes - retails for around $30 - never used - $15
:bulletpink: Art Spectrum pastels - rich earth set - 6ct - retails for around $25 - opened but never used - $12

Shipping is not included in these prices listed.

I did say this was an internet yard sale, so I'm totally open for haggling.

If you're interested in buying something, would like to know more about an item, or wanna haggle, comment or drop a note....or whatever.

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Pencil Butter LIVES!

Sun May 31, 2009, 12:22 PM

After nearly THREE YEARS of rotting in the darkest corner of the internet...I finally decided to update my website! The layout is the same one made for me by bria0128 just..tweaked a teensy bit *is too lazy to learn enough to make her own layout*

There are a few pages that aren't up yet, because I either don't actually have the stuff to go on them, or am just too lazy to go through it all right now. The links section especially, I have to re-sort all my bookmarked art sites before I can get those pages done.

If anyone has an art site they'd like me to link to, feel free to drop me a line. However, I want to keep my links to a fairly high quality of art and websites and I wont link to anything with excessive ads.

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I had this big doom and gloom journal written out, and then I read it, and was like....wooooow this is depressing, and I don't want to throw that on you guys. I didn't like reading it myself DX So here's a short, blunt version, and there's some not so gloomy stuff near the end if you really just want to skip the next paragraph.

On Friday my stupid 15 year old cousin caught himself on fire and is in the hospital with severe burns to his face, arm and back. He might need some skin grafting, but he'll be ok. On top of that, my great grandmother passed away the day before mother's day. She was 80 years old, very sick, and we'd been expecting it for a while. It's sort of a relief that it's over for her, and the people that worked so hard to take care of her. It hurts, but I think it hurt worse seeing her condition gradually worsen. Really, I think everyone has dealt with it pretty well. I get random times where I'll start REALLY thinking about her and I'll cry a little, but I'm OKAY. So don't worry about me.

On a lighter note,I'll be going to my grandparents' house out in the country in a few days, for the funeral, and I'll probably stay there for a week at least. I used to go stay my whole summer with them when I was younger, but as I've gotten older I seem to go visit them less and less. Of course my grandma whines all the time that I never stay with her anymore, so I may as well make her happy and go spend some time with her and my PAWPAW <3 lolz

ANYWAYS, this shouldn't effect me being online or posting on DA since I took my old faithful scanner (that vista didn't want anything to do with *spits on vista*) and hooked it to my grandma's computer, so I can actually do ARTZ while I'm there. And if I get my weekly unemployment monies before we leave for their house, I'm buying a damn router so I can have internetz on my laptop while I'm there. I might even open for a few commissions like the "sketchbook" pieces so I have something to keep me occupied. Maybe...

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How long has it been...

Wed May 6, 2009, 12:51 AM

since I really did some serious art, drawn something and really thrown myself into working on it. TOO LONG!

I was looking through some of my older stuff, from 2006ish, and it seems like I just...DID more back then. Tried harder. Where did all my color go? My gallery is mostly sketches now and I hate it. Even what I have that is in color is just...lacking. *snorts* I may have improved on certain things here and there since back then, but overall I think I've regressed. BUT NO MORE OF THAT!

I'm about to throw myself into major art mode, I swear it!

Expect tons of bright colorful copic stuff soon.

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Last night my Psychology instructor was MIA for finals and ended up sending the test with someone else that works at the college. Found out today, the reason he couldn't make it to FINALS, was because he was too busy getting arrested...for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Forget drinking and driving! We always knew he was on something, he was 30 minutes late for every class, spoke with a constant drunken slur, and could hardly form a complete thought.

Anyway...IM FREE! Finals are over, and since I opted not to take any summer classes, I'm free til August! Aaah I want to start drawing non stop!
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I know this is like...the LAST thing you guys care about, but I love I took these photos about a while back when it was actually fully clean and figure'd I'd let you guys see where I spend 90% of my time.

This is not my BEDROOM, it's actually my mom's formal dining room that I hijacked and painted lime green to use as an art room XD

My comfy chair(excuse me, this is MOMO's chair) manga and art books, fraggles and other random stuffed things, and most importantly, HUGE TIDUS!

The rest of my bookshelves, with more STUFF, kitty poobox, and my drafting table that i usually only use to pile stuff on. The plastic container under the table is nothing but ART PAPER.

Just try to tell me you don't love the parasol lamp.

This is where I am when I'm not sleeping or at school. Even though I have a drafting table, I do most of my drawing here, unless I'm painting or something. My cats seem to think this computer chair is a scratching post. I think it's time to retire it and get a new one, but do you know how hard it is to find a good high back office chair with arms, that ISN'T LEATHER!?

People are always like...WTF when I say I have a lime green room, but I've yet to have a person come into this room for the first time and not just sit and look around for an hour or so XD
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